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Wii U Gamepad
The Wii U GamePad is the standard for 's . Incorporating traits from , the GamePad has traditional input methods (such as buttons, dual , and a ), controls, and motion controls. The touchscreen can be used to supplement a game by providing alternate, functionality or an view of a scenario in a game. The screen can also be used to play a game strictly on the GamePad screen, without the use of a television display. Conversely, non-gaming functions can be assigned to it as well, such as using it as a television remote. The Wii U GamePad can be used in conjunction with other controllers compatible with the console, such as the , , and the more conventional . The GamePad's primary feature is its 6.2 in (16 cm), (854x480), display, which can be controlled with either fingers or an included stylus. The screen can be used as a supplement to gameplay to provide additional functionality that can be controlled using the screen, or to stream gameplay from the console in lieu of a television display (). The controller also features a front-facing camera (usable for ), dual , nine-axis via a three-axis , three-axis and a three-axis , rumble support, and an array that can emulate the . The GamePad also supports , which allows developers to create (such as Nintendo's figures) or cards that can wirelessly interact with the controller, and allows Japanese users to pay for software on the Nintendo eShop using prepaid -based transit cards such as . In a special presentation preceding , Nintendo unveiled more details about the GamePad; including its ability to be used as a for a television with the app, and the ability to send handwritten messages and other content. The GamePad communicates with a Wii U console over a modified protocol designed for low- transmission, establishing its connection with the console by using a variant of the process, with proprietary transfer protocol and software co-developed with . The GamePad's display contents are streamed as video from the console using a custom protocol and the video codec, for which the GamePad contains a hardware decoder. Nintendo's first presentation of the controller in 2011 led to confusion upon whether the Wii U would support the use of multiple GamePads. A Nintendo spokesperson stated that the GamePad would not be sold individually from a Wii U console, and Shigeru Miyamoto had not ruled out the possibility of using multiple GamePads with a single console & mdash;but also felt that it may be more convenient to use the as a controller in this scenario as well & mdash;implying potential compatibility. During Nintendo's E3 2012 presentation, it was confirmed that Wii U games could theoretically support up to two GamePads simultaneously. However, this feature was ultimately never supported by any software.
Wii U Gamepad
Wii U Gamepad
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