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African Cutting & Sewing of Unisex Clothing
Up to 6 hours Exposition, showing how to cut and sew several unisex clothing from around Nigeria/Africa, by Mrs Ruth Omotekoro Ifeta-Alawode and 2 of her experienced male tailors. It comes in a 16GB Flashdrive CONTENT: Introduction, tools & materials needed How to cut & sew Buba & wrapper (Iro) How to cut & sew basic & Trendy Boubou Cutting & Sewing Native southern blouse and up-down wrapper Cutting & sewing of shirt (native top, old school, etc) and Trouser/pant. Cutting of Sokoto (fulani style) & Kaftan. Cutting & sewing Agbada, Danshiki Cutting & sewing of several fitted skirt & blouse (5 variations featured) How to cut women casual tops for pant/trouser How to cut & sew Fila (Male native cap) How to Tie scarves the ethnic way (Gele)
African Cutting & Sewing of Unisex Clothing
African Cutting & Sewing of Unisex Clothing
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