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Agriculture Products

Brush Cutter Garden Trimmer - Cg430b
The brush cutters are rugged light weight traditional 2-Stroke brush cutter designed for all day use by large property owners, landscape gardeners and government departments especially those with freeway maintenance where long jobs need lots of power with out the weight. Whilst large in capacity and power, it's well balanced for their size, having a solid drive shaft both versions can be used with metal grass blades for slashing and clearing, the bull bar version has a quick adjust handle and soft rubber grips for operator comfort. Lightweight, excellent balance and powerf
Brush Cutter Garden Trimmer - Cg430b
Brush Cutter Garden Trimmer - Cg430b
₦ 106,892.50 ₦ 121,468.75 -12%
PVC Garden Hose Coil Water Hose - 50M
1/" Clear Braided PVC Hose 50- Metre Coil Water Hose. A great value, durable and strong garden hose with an internal diameter of (1/" "), suitable for all your watering needs in a 50-metre length. It features a multi layered inner braiding to enhance strength and robustness making it perfect for use in all seasons. The natural white colour ensures it blends in in a variety of domestic and commercial watering environments. Able to operate under water pressure up to 10bar, it easily handles standard domestic water pressures as well as higher pressures often used in commercial settings. The braided material enhances the pipe strength as well as preventing kinking. Specification Suitable for air currents, nutrients, pesticides and light chemicals. Meets the standards of Reg. (EU) 10/2011 + Stimulants Directive. Bursting pressure = approx. 4x working pressure. Hose Transparency allows for continuous visual control over material flow and notification of potential contamination. Compressive strength depends on the fluid temperature and hose diameter. Working temperature: from -20C to + 60C & deg;. Technical hoses are: - very flexible - durable, resistant to light and oxygen - abrasion resistant - self-extinguishing after removal from flames - insensitive to chemicals - resistant to oil and gasoline - conditionally resistant to pressureless hot water flow - suitable for sterilization - environmentally friendly.
PVC Garden Hose Coil Water Hose - 50M
PVC Garden Hose Coil Water Hose - 50M
₦ 71,545.10 ₦ 75,310.63 -5%

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