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Kitchen Safety Products

Microwave And Oven Lock
Clippasafe Microwave and Oven Appliance Latch keeps dangerous appliances locked and safely away from your child. The heat resistant latch uses adhesive pads to attach on the right angle corner of your microwave, oven or fridge, the latch uses a two finger squeeze lock to release the lock to open the door, it can be use on a multitude of appliances throughout the kitchen. Suitable for use on a multitude of appliances Heat resistant plastic prevents melting Easy to fit without damage Uses heat proof adhesive pads to attach safely.
Microwave And Oven Lock
Microwave And Oven Lock
₦ 2,962.50 ₦ 3,750.00 -21%
Fridge & Freezer Lock
Food on the kitchen floor and sticky handprints on cupboards and work-tops are a sure sign that your child has raided the fridge or freezer. Not only does it result in a mess for parents to clean up, it could also mean a sleepless night as you nurse a youngster with an upset tummy. Fridges and freezers aren't always the safest places to play either, as glass jars and bottles can be easily dropped or smashed, putting your child at danger of cutting their hands and feet. These easy to fit locks can be put on any square cornered fridge or freezer using adhesive pads and they also have an inbuilt press to lock and release feature. That means the fridge can be left unlocked when you're busy cooking a meal or when the children aren't around. If your fridge or freezer has rounded corners, choose the Multi-Purpose Lock instead.
Fridge & Freezer Lock
Fridge & Freezer Lock
₦ 3,080.00 ₦ 3,500.00 -12%

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