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7MM Flexible Waterproof Android And PC Endoscope Camera with LED
The 7MM Flexible Waterproof Android And PC Endoscope Camera with LED is appropriate for surveying pipes, equipments, furnishing, installation, underwater viewing, parts assembly, construction sites, workshops, laboratories, education, wildlife surveillance, car maintenance and repairing, hard-to-reach areas, etc. 6pcs LED lights can reach most of areas, extend your hands and eyes. Easy operation with beautiful and stylish appearance camera which can turn lights on or off. Built-in IC of enhancement and unification signal, has better stability. This camera only works with Android phones that supports OTG function and external cameras (both conditions are required). 2) Doogee, Huawei, Coolpad, BBK, VIVO, Lenovo and other "made in China" brands are not compatible with this camera. Please check your phone brand carefully before purchasing. 3) Due to the lack of external cameras, all the Samsung A/J series and Samsung S7 mobile phones are not be compatible with this camera. For other Samsung phones, please check if it supports OTG functionality and external cameras. 4) This camera can be used with PCs. Resolution: 1) The lens does not auto-focus. 2) The best resolution distance is 5 & ndash; 10 cm. The resolution reduces when the distance is farther or closer. (View the following diagrams to learn more

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