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Eco-friendly Plastic Car Ashtray With Lid Portable Cigarette Ashtray Cup
Get this Butt Bucket to help you keep your car, home, and personal places clean. Puts cigarettes out in secondsKeeps butts out of sightHolds several cigarette buttsFits most cup holdersHelps remove odors and contain smokeSize: 11cm Tall x 8cm Diameter
Round Shape Metal Ashtray
Make your smoke as Smooth as you possibly can and ensure your ashes stay contained with the Metal Ashtray. With three notches for your joints, these classic looking ashtrays remind you of the trusted brand you & rsquo;ve come to know and love! As the tray itself says: & lsquo;May only the finest ashes rest in this ashtray! & rsquo; This ashtray is durable, convenient and perfectly sized. Keep your smoking a tidy experience and always, accept nothing less than Good quality. This ashtray comes in both regular and magnetic for attaching to your tray (helps prevent your clumsy friends from knocking it over!) Color: Universal Color Design Quantity: 1pcs
Round Shape Metal Ashtray
Round Shape Metal Ashtray
₦ 4,740.50 ₦ 6,237.50 -24%
General Fresh
420 Rasta Metal Ashtray
Make sure smokers to keep their butts under control with this Metallic ashtray! When you have a crowd, it & rsquo;s always best to have a few on hand. Great for bars, restaurants, outdoor entertaining or home use, this ashtray is super durable and easy to clean. Printed in full colour, this 420 Rasta Metal Ashtray means business. It is an attention grabber alongside being incredibly functional. This tray features a four notch design to hold your joints and blunts from rolling away on the wide 5.5 inch diameter. Made with a durable metal frame that is also lightweight (a perfect combo for being on the road), it is also easy peasy to clean thanks to a smooth and non-sticky finish. 5-inch ashtray. Made of durable metal. 4 Notched holders. Travel friendly size and weight. Easy to clean. Rasta leaf design in full colour. Made of high Quality Metal Extremely durable Easy to clean it come in two pices
420 Rasta Metal Ashtray
420 Rasta Metal Ashtray
₦ 6,325.00 ₦ 6,875.00 -8%
Combo: Backwoods, Car Ashtray, Mini Rolling Tray, Plastic Crusher, And 4 Double Platinum
BACKWOODSThe Backwoods Honey Bourbon cigars are smooth little machine made stogies that provide the perfect flavors of classic tobacco. Each sachet contains 5 cigars. Introduced nationally in 1981, Backwoods cigars' unique structure and look with a frayed end, tapered body and unfinished head, presents a classic, aromatic smoking xperience . Available in many different varieties, their unique style, taste, and package has made Backwoods the number one selling all-natural cigar in the world. PlatinumFlavored Blunt Wrap: Nice smell and fragrance.Flavored Blunt Wrap: Has different flavours.Flavored Blunt Wrap: Made from fresh tobacco leaves.Flavored Blunt Wrap: Will have your taste buds going crazy (good kind of crazy).Flavored Blunt Wrap: Have a longer smoke session (burns really slow).Easy to use. Quantity: 4 Foils/ 2 Blunt Wraps per Foil (8 Wraps) Grinder This portable plastic hand held grinder is ideal for grinding tobacco or herbs. Its powerful shark teeth crushing system will give you the perfect blend. The magnetic centre keeps both compartments together while you grind away at your tobacco without the danger of spilling it. Rolling TrayThis rolling trays serve their purpose perfectly and it is the perfect way to roll your own cigarettes and keep all the tobacco in one area. This rolling tray is nice and big, so it can fit all of your custom smoke supplies. Grab your favorite pack of rolling papers, a good blend of filler, and this rolling tray and start making some smokes. This rolling tray is made of durable aluminum, has high sides to keep everything inside and measures 140 mm x 185mm. . You can roll cigarettes anywhere with this rolling tray and it's easy to take with you on-the-go because of it's compact size. Puts cigarettes out in secondsKeeps butts out of sightHolds several cigarette buttsFits most cup holdersHelps remove odors and contain smokeSize: 11cm Tall x 8cm Diameter

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