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Webcam Cover - 3pcs
Why do we need a Webcam Cover? The Webcam camera cover is a new product to prevent privacy leakage in recent years. Webcams Cover protects against Computer, Laptop, Phone,Tablet intrusion of camera from cyber hacking, malicious data theft procedures and lack of self-defense awareness, our personal life is constantly being violated by the outside world. Our private life isn't safe anymore. We have heard enough about the spying stories. We should be more careful for our privacy protection. Cover the camera when it's not in use and keep hackers away from our life. Webcam Cover is your solution. PREMIUM ULTRA THIN WEBCAM COVER BLOCKERSafeguard your webcam from hackers with this 3-pack of Nano Shield Webcam Covers. Their strong adhesive affixes to your laptop or monitor securely, and their sliding closure opens and closes while preventing scratches and dings. These Nano Shield webcam covers have a slim construction, so your laptop closes tightly without a gap. EXTRA STRONG ADHESIVEThis camera privacy webcam cover has a better, stronger, more durable 3M adhesive sticker than previous versions, will stay on strong through wear and tear, and will not easily fall off unlike some other similar but extra cheap products. Why choose the our webcam cover? - Protect your privacy from hackers and creeps effectively. - Ideal privacy tool than to use a sticker, tape or a plastic clip. - Only 0.027" thickness, even far thinner than a SD card. - Easy and quick to install. - Can be opened or closed with just one simple finger movement. - Suitable for your laptops, tablets, smartphones or other technical devices. - Removable from the required device without trace. WEBCAM COVER DETAILS: - Ultra Thin and Professional- Strong 3M adhesive- Material: Premium Plastic HOW TO USE: 1.Clean the surface of your device camera2.Remove the 3M adhesive backing from cover3.Place window area of cover over laptop camera lens4.Press firmly for 15 seconds Hint: Before attaching the camera cover, wipe the phone cover cleanly, otherwise it will reduce the stickiness and cause the cover to fall off easily. It takes 24 hours to fit firmly after fitting. Please try to avoid pulling, tearing and repeating the camera cover within 24 hours.
Webcam Cover - 3pcs
Webcam Cover - 3pcs
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